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Yellow Flowers


If shopping for trees/shrubs is a bit intimidating, you're not alone!
We get it, we are a BIG nursery but don't stress. We're always here to help.

Here are some key terms to get you started as you begin shopping, so you'll better understand the tags on plants or the informative plant/tree signage we have posted all around the nursery.

A beautiful landscape with year-round interest usually has a mix of the 3 main types of plants - annuals, perennials, and evergreens, so keep that in mind, as you shop!  

Of course, the wonderful thing about adding/tending to your yard is it's something you can work on over time!  Trust us, that's part of the fun :)



annuals- GORGEOUS bloomS THROUGHOUT one season

Warm-Season Annuals- bloom in spring & summer

Cool-season annuals- bloom from fall until frost


Evergreen Trees/shrubs- maintain their leaves Year-round

Perennials- die back in winter but return in spring!

tender perennialS- need shelter over winter to survive


Deciduous shrubs/trees- drop leaves, go dormant in fall


shade tree- larger trees like oak, maple, elm...


ornamental tree- HAS noteworthy COLOR/SHAPE/ bark 

specimen tree- planted solo /focal point IN YARD



Fruit Trees- usually deciduous, THEY flower before fruit


Fruit/nut trees- Usually planted in pairs to thrive 

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