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What We Provide

Our beautiful nursery is located next to the Dothan Botanical Garden on highway 431 just outside of Dothan. The 12 acers of land holds a large selection of beautiful trees and shrubs and so much more to offer. We are a one stop shop, from our concrete pots, to our plant selection, to fertilizers and pesticides. Our Sales Representatives will walk you around the nursery showing you all the plants we have to offer and answer any plant questions you can think of. Check out our list of nursery services

Bagged Goods and Chemicals

Fountains/ Pots

Nothing is more peaceful then the sound of a waterfall. The nursery carries unique one of a kind fountains and fountain accessories. If you need your new fountain delivered and assembled just let one of the team members at the front desk, we can arrange to have it set up.


We sell our sod by the piece or it can be bought by the pallet load. Currently we carry Centipede and St Augustine Sod. Sometimes we even have Bermuda and Zoysia. Depending on which type of sod is needed the prices may vary. We will gladly load all pieces of sod into your trailer or car.  

Pre-planted Pots

One amenity many locals clamor for is our custom potting services. We have many designer pots pre-planted in the latest garden trends so you can carry it home already complete. This is a popular option for special occasions, parties, or on-the-go gifts!
Another choice we offer our customers is for them to bring in their favorite containers from home. We will get dirty creating a custom mix with annuals and accents chosen by you. Best of all, you get to keep your hands and fingernails clean!

Gift Store/ Indoor Showcase

While you are strolling through our retail, take a moment to step inside our gift shop. We offer gift certificates at the register. We are currently carrying Tyler Candles. Tyler Candle Company specializes in glamorous candles that will make any room in your home smell amazing. A few house plants are on display for your purchase.


We aim to be a one stop shop here at Buds n Blossoms, that includes potting soil and pesticides. We offer great top name brands like Foxfarm potting soil and Hi-yield chemicals. Check out our great slow release fertilizer, you only put out once a year.


Mulch is am important but sometimes overlooked part of landscaping. It helps hold moisture around your trees and garden beds and helps prevent weeds in the landscaping. It also gives a more finished clean look to your yard. We offer both pine straw and wood chips. Our pine straw comes in bales and rolls, while our mulch comes in bulk.

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