Maintenance Services

Do you have this beautiful landscape but need help maintaining it?  Maybe you just need some trees pruned. Not only do we install landscaping, we can also help maintain it too. Below is a list of services we provide to the Dothan area. Please call to make an appointment.


We specialize in natural pruning for trees and shrubs. This means that your landscape will not only have a manicured look but will also have a healthy growing cycle.


Mulch / Pine Straw

Keep your landscape looking fresh with the regular application of mulch, pine bark, or pine straw. Mulch aids in weed control, helps your soil retain moisture, and keeps your beds looking fresh.


Water Garden

Your pond/water feature should be cleaned once a year. We remove debris, check drainage, and clean filters at each service.


Flower Beds

We can send our color crew out to your home to remove fatigued and run-down annuals and replace them with the new seasons color making your flowers beds lively once again.


Throughout the year your irrigation system might need to be fixed or adjusted. Plants need to be water more frequently and deeper in the summer then plants in the winter. Our team can come out to adjust your irrigation system and fine-tune the sprinkler heads. If you have a leak in the systems or a broken piece, we will send crew out to repair it.