Plant of the Month

This page is for a few plants that deserves to be highlighted for a whole month. Here you will see a few plants in full bloom throughout the whole year. Please feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments you have in the contact us forum on the last page of this website. 

November 2020:

Golden Rain Tree : Koelreuteria bipinnata

December 2020:

Golden rain tree is known for its sprays of yellow flowers in summer.  The flowers are followed by fruit that are air-filled capsules resembling Japanese lanterns.  These fruit change from green to yellow to a fleshy, almost pink color.  This tree tolerates a wide range of conditions including drought and alkaline soils. Requires full sun and well drained soil in order to survive. 

Camellia ‘Shi-Shi Gashira':Camellia sansanqua 

 Gorgeous magenta or pink blossoms adorn the forest green glossy leaves of this garden shrub. These long-blooming flowers almost appear doubled in petal number, and brilliant yellow stamens lie in the center of the flower. The adaptable ‘Shi Shi Gashira’ Camellia is also resistant to drought, making it a popular garden ornamental in the drier climates of the south and west, where it grows best. Beautiful fall to winter bloomers which displays large, attractive flowers, which attract butterflies, honey-bees, and hummingbirds.

January 2021: 

Sweet Kumquat

February 2021:

The Kumquat Trees available here have an abundant amount of fruit ready to be picked and eaten. Kumquats originate in China but thrive well in zone 9 and 10. They will grow up to 15 feet in height an natural form into a rounded canopy. They need full sun and well drained soil in order to survive. Kumquats are self- fertile so only one is needed to produce fruit. Can be planted in containers but prefer not to be root bound, large pot is needed.

Juke Box Holly: Pyracomeles

This Juke Box Holly is a perfect alternative to Boxwood shrubs, it can be used for edging, hedging, mass planting or kept in a container. It can be trained and trimmed just like a boxwood but requires much less maintenance. Prune in spring time. Will survive in zone 7 and warmer, has survived in zone 6 but was damaged some from the cold. Can also be used as a ground cover, survives well in containers and can be pruned to fit any type of shape and size. Has very distinctive leaves, that remain glossy as year round. 

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